GuardHub Vendor Management System

At Guardhub we know the ins and outs of security guard contracts. We line up the best companies at the best prices to handle your needs.

GuardHub’s VMS creates ease, efficiency, and profitability for your company.

It’s difficult to find any VMS that works with security guard companies.  Why?  Because the security guard industry operates on a 1-4 percent yearly profit.  There’s not much money available for VMS providers and the last thing you want in the security guard industry is to slash prices and end up with inferior services.

The App is easy to download to use on a post phone or your security officer’s phone. Officers will have their schedules as soon as they finish your training class.

  • Custom App for your company*
  • Geo-check-in and out
  • App alerts for your officers

How can GuardHub’s VMS be successful when other companies won’t even try?

It’s simple. GuardHub is much more than a VMS. Guardhub is also one of the most advanced all-in-one management software systems for security guard companies. GuardHub program includes application management, onboarding, training, LMS, background checks, I-9’s, HR, messaging, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, AR, payroll and much more.
By becoming a reseller, Guardhub is able to reduce our VMS customers’ spending, increase security guard companies profits and increase benefits to the security guards. It’s a win, win, win scenario.

Some of our benefits include: