GuardHub FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does GuardHub cost?

For pricing please contact our sales team at and we will tailor a custom solution for your business.

If I have a technical question where do I go?

If you have a technical question you can either email or fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page.

Does GuardHub offer partnership programs?

Yes, GuardHub offers multiple types of partnerships. Having said that, if you feel a partnership with your project would aide GuardHub or its users please contact our sales department at

How do I access GuardHub's Benefit program?

Near the top of every page on GuardHub are options to navigate to different sections of the website. There is a tab called Benefits, pressing this tab will take you to all of our benefits.

Is GuardHub a Security Guard company?

No, GuardHub is a time and employment management tool that simplifies day to day activities. GuardHub acts as an intermediary for potential shifts and guard companies.

Do I have to purchase the entire GuardHub system?

No, our program is designed to have customizable functionality to support your exact business needs.