About GuardHub

CEO of Champion National Security for 40 years. I designed this software to be the perfect intuitive match for Security Guard Companies.

What We Do

Guard Hub is an all in scheduling and time management program that handles the employment process from start to finish. Our objective is to minimize how many hands are involved with keeping your organization operational. From scheduling and dispatch to invoicing and payroll GuardHub will meet your needs.

GuardHub Schedule Your Guards Instantly

Security Guard Scheduling that is so easy that anyone can do it. GuardHub’s advance time management features make scheduling fast and easy. Just add new officers and Guardhub does the work.

GuardHub has check-in and check-out reminders on a customized App

The App is easy to download to use on a post phone or your security officer’s phone. Officers will have their schedules as soon as they finish your training class.

  • Custom App for your company*
  • Geo-check-in and out
  • App alerts for your officers

Why Choose Our Team

Guardhub app is easy and user friendly. Officers use the app for confirming and verifying schedules.  They enjoy interactive, training, messaging and report writing.  

Save money

GuardHub's software reduces the cost spent on managing your company.

24×7 Support

Contact us day or night with any questions or concerns you may have.

Low Cost

GuardHub offers many different programs so we are able to spread our profits out, keeping your cost low.